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Marvels of my Heart - Africa Calling

Miles away, back in the midst of a million emails, overflowing paperwork, I look up to the window, wondering where’s life within these concrete walls. Where my thoughts truly belong, maybe Africa means something more - something I am yet to understand. Maybe it's serenity, its air and its wonders are something I am not able to consciously perceive. I'm drawn across like a firefly towards light, towards God’s creative marvels. Africa, it changes you, it keeps your heart, never to let go.
Very few places steal your heart and leave your body to wander alone; I'd say Kenya was one of them. I took the exotic route of going to Kenya via Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. With its bustling marketing and people with their interesting hairdo, Addis was a lovely place to see. A few hours at the airport, I kept looking at the huge glass window overlooking the tarmac, where the Boeing 737 was parked for departure. Exactly at 1:45am in the middle of a chilly night I landed in Nairob…

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